Testing Printmaking

Küratör: Ozan Bilginer


Adil Öksüz – Atilla Işık – Canseli Koral – Doğu Gündoğdu – Doğukan Başöner – Efe Solmazlar – Engin Esen

Erin İlkcan Aslan – Fırat Güner – Hayri Şengün – Ozan Bilginer – Ömer Öztürk – Sema Yayla – Sinan Eronat

08 JULY- 31 AUGUST 2015 

Kokteyl: 08  JULY – Wednesday, 18:00

Gallery FOYART

Baskı (which stands for‘printmaking’, ‘pressure’ and ‘coercion’ in Turkish) has been performed for centuries but to what degree has it received the attention it ‘deserved’as an artistic expression?

The exhibition ‘Baskıyı Sınamak–Testing Printmaking/Pressure/Coercion’ can be seen as an effort to reconsider the printing technique, which has long been used to create art works that aretightly linked to the traditional ways of art-making and yethas been regarded asdegenerate owing to its close proximity to the industrial printmaking.This is why there are attempts to gentrify, so to speak, the printmaking in Turkey by renaming it as‘Unique Printmaking’ and ‘Printmaking Painting’. In essence, printmaking, once considered within the conceptual framework of contemporary arts, is more than a technique used to create multiple editions of an image. Modestly speaking, this exhibition is merely a small step toward testing the art of printmaking.

Ozan Bilginer – July, 2015