Barış Yılmaz
03-24 OCTOBER 2015
TIME 18:00

FOYART Project

“Threshold” is the value or a level reached before an incident happens. Actually it represents a range: lower and upper limits create the range. This range enables the formation to actualise. The values exceeding the limits of the range cause dispersion and fragmentation whereas the values that are below the range disable the creation’s actualization. The threshold belonging to the being or to the structure is the one who enables its existence. The creation actualizes in the delicate balance between the upper and lower limits.

The tragic thing is the desperate seeking of creation, which belongs to human and nature that does not exist within the range, for the balance. This is the one whose actualization is impossible. While the threshold enables the dynamic cycle that forms the life to function, it opens its door slightly to the “impossible balance”. Evolution of the human and the life accelerates towards death with the efforts of the balance, the one that is impossible or unthinkable.