Hülya Kandemir


29 January 2015- 23 February 2015

Kokteyl: 29 January Thursday, 18:30

FOYART Project

Disintegration case , in return for circumstances of getting lonely and alienation together  with industry of people living in the cities, jumbled the dissection situations with the integration ones in the questioning of visible reality.

Disintegration  and repetition have always revealed the itself of the cycle. During the formation of this cycle, person’s spirit is disintegrated and the integrity is disappeared. Interest of this cycle upon the repetition makes the man a person who arises from fragile parts and works just for a special function. The person, who has lost his/her belief or soul in the situational factors where the majority is dominant or has a word from the start, convert into an object which has a particular function.  In other words, the man is seen as a thing which should be overlooked and changed. Components , which sustain the relationship between the  part and the cycle and pull apart from the whole either by getting it objective or not by, achieve to convert the human soul into a different mold.

The time tries to compose a systematic order or a whole by connecting with the repetition. But this system and order includes some rules in itself. The relationship of the repetition , the relationship of the whole with the parts and the relationship of the time with parts create the cycle. If we speak of any disintegration  and repetition about the cycle, this situation is primarily connected with the time concept. In fact, previously mentioned is not the pure visible time. Concepts such as the part, repetition and  the cycle are the stages of the time and the time is pure idea that people think it exists. All of them are parts of a whole that interwine. We live in an undefined universe in which the concepts, we are familiar with, are getting ambigious  and sometimes fades away. Our bodies and personaties, which are trying to take place in this universe, maybe, one day will be ambigious like our thoughts and unindentifiable. Eventhough our existence will stay out of this cycle that exists  in this universe , the cycle will always maintain its existence.