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05-21 DECEMBER 2015

SAAT: 18:00
Gallery FOYART

The modern society which is shaped by technology and science is offering a lot of laborsaving  physical options and freedom to peoples lives. However these options and  freedom are under the patronage of popular culture. Popular culture is making one  passive and fiberless through media and fashion.
Quickly-produced and reproduced real and fake images are enslaving people in a world full of  indicators and objects. These images, indicators and objects are always current and making one do as they please without one realizing it. A person is only a mediator and a processor.
In a modern society, one is taking on lots of different roles by the manipulation of  different cultures and reaches to lots of different positions yet could not find and answer to his existence-related problems.
From here,  “an individual” who is in a search for identity in todays society has become the subject of my studies. Subject is in the center of all formations in the world. Every cycle, formation, definition and discovery in the universe is identified by the existence of the subject in the first place.

Where the individual and social intersect, subjects identity comes to light by the indicators driven by the popular culture and the subject then tries to build his own realism by these same indicators.

The indicators,figures and symbolic objects used  on the paintings in this exhibition are the representatives of a time-period spent on thinking about popular culture and daily life. Each devoted to its subjects as bearers of their own meanings.  The subject wants to communicate with the viewer  and tell the truth beyond what is shown through these indicators.