Take a breath

2 – 27 May 2015

Kokteyl: 2 May Saturday, 18:00

FOYART Project

Perhaps, while wandering among the feelings such as birth, death, and existence, “take a breath” is a necessity that arises from a collective incontrovertible fact of not being able to take a deep breath for a long time. At our lives that we forget ourselves in chaos, corruption, violence, and gloom while trying to be something, it is just a reminder that we can feel in the backyard.

With this exhibition that is dedicated to an instant that life is attached, the Red Initiative is in the pursuit of visual possibilities of creating an air gap by using the power of the discourse of art.

As Duchamp said, “do not try to be enjoyable or the best” you can be daring or tactless, just try to exist. Take a deep breath by reducing and praising the simplicity of existing to a single action.

Özlem Tekdemir